Ao and Ecovail blog ðŸ¤—🤗

I wanna share my friends blog.

this are Ecovail and Ao blog. They were one of my dear friends from Japan
you can shout out to them via twitter @yuzueco and @aoyuzu205

They have very interesting blogs, dont worry if you dont understand japanese, use google chrome browse and voila we can enjoy their blog or even send them comment

Another friends of mine is Ice, you can see her artwork in my several video (pssst…the artwork is so good)
visit Ice account on twitter @icepanda171 and their YT channel (Ao YT channel)
こちらがアイスのツイッタアカウント。是非訪問してみて。そして蒼のyou tube のチャンネルよ。
Like I said, there are several people that help me and these 3 amazing people is one of them
If you check my video there are other people that help me doing my subbing work, and I will introduce them in the future


Credit to P&G 2017 (kyaaaa he looks so handsome right 😗)

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