March is coming means busy week is started

😣😣March is coming and it means busyyyyyy weekkk T_T,
I will spend a lot of time in campus but I will work hard
(pat myself in the back ).

I wanna post some beautiful picture that I got yesterday so basically when me and my housemate walking home from campus we saw gorgeus rainbow in the sky.
Those clock tower that you see in the picture called Old Joe,
写真に写っているあの時計の塔は「Old Joe」と呼ばれて、JRR TOLKIENがロード・オブ・ザ・リングを書くときの一つのインスピレーションになった、と言われているの。

its one of the inspiration of JRR Tolkien when he write Lord of the ring, someday i will take picture from other angle .

If you see the sky yups its usual sky colour in Britain, cloudy and grey,

but sometimes we had nice sunshine and blue sky (sometimes….).

Its said that winter is over but still pretty chill and cold for me
(I came from tropical country),
but I still enjoy this country and its culture

Thanks to my friend Ecovail that help me to translate it to Japanese 😀😁🙇🙆 Arigato Eco san

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