😭😭😢😢My friend Ecovail tell me that she wants help me to put Japanese subs to my blogs, Hontoni Arigato.
Shout out to all my friends around the world, lets go crazy


2 thoughts on “THANK YOU ECOVAIL

  1. Hi Emi😊I’m Yuyu,your follower on twitter 🤗Congratulations to start your blog 🎉Maybe I am much older than you 😅But this ivy color reminds me of my university life 🏫I have never been to U.K. so I will enjoy your blog😊And please shout out love to Yuzu together 💓💓💓Thank you 🤗


    1. Hello ^()^, thank you, I’m little bit shy to start this blog but because I need place to store our sub video, I decide to open a blog. Thank you so much and lets shout loud for Yuzu


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