Off season ……Miss Him…..

These drought …these IYHS is hit me forcefully hehehhee, it’s just maybe one week after I saw him compete in WTT (Live streaming), but already I missed him. With all happen during last week, I must say mad respect to Yuzu and his Fans around the world.

Yuzu Prince 1

New Place already build called planethanyu (come and play, its new place to gather with Yuzu fans around the world, share information, or just talking and posting anything related to Yuzuru Hanyu. New beginning, new start ^O^. The most important thing is to Cheer Yuzuru to the max because this season and next year will be very tough for him, but what we can do is doing our best and spread Yuzu wisdom.

Come and play at, or go to Yuzuru Hanyu International Fan Group at Facebook ( In you can found link to several Yuzuru Hanyu Fan group around the world such as Korea, Taiwan, Russia etc.  There is also room for several native speaker (chat room) such as Mandarin, Japanesse, Rusia, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand , etc.

I’m so proud to become Yuzuru Hanyu fan, his skating gather people heart around the world. We have chances to know each other despite our nationality, isn’t beautiful ^()^. I hope and pray to God, to always bless and protect Yuzu and his fans, there always be hardship, challenge, mockery or even hate, but I believe in the end we will see rainbow and be able to smile when we look back again.


May is coming, means I will start my dissertation T_T but my spirit to spread Yuzu love and subbing his video will never be lessen. I would like to shout out to my friend Ecovail, Ao, Ice, Maxine, Maki, Miffy, Abby, Seddecca and every mutual in social media. Thank you so much and Fighting All.


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