Hello everyone, here come again our new project, Asaichi 2. We divided this episode into 3 part, hope all of you enjoy it. Thanks to my dear friends Ecovail and Maki whom work hard and all the Japanese transcripter that helped us. Shout out to every Raw Video owner such as PINO, YzRIKO, FigureSkating 2014, etc. Thanks to IcePanda which lend her fan-art that we used in our video

Through this programme we can see, different side of Yuzuru Hanyu, which very thoughtful, serious, dorky, charming, cute and adorable. How he approach skating is very interesting also his daily life story. Enjoy and Happy Watching ^O^


New Season 2017/2018 ….

September is here !!!! means new season for our space kitten Yuzuru Hanyu ^O^


This season will be tough not only physically but also mentally. My friends said “it’s Olympic season after all ^()^'”…..anyway I just hope all the best for Yuzuru, I know he working and training hard. Please stay healthy and enjoy your skate Yuzuru, I wish all the best for you.

Me and Eco will finishing up all Asaichi video…hehehe Asaichi part 4 is coming, sorry for the late post because I’m busy with my dissertation T_T. However, now I already submitted my paper, means now I’m FREE!!!

Hehehe…..I’m enjoying subbing Yuzu video because he is so inspirational person, very funny actually, smart and dorky. My favorite skater all of time. Thank you for being there and being your self Yuzu, be confidence and don’t forget to smile. The pressure is so high for him, I hope he keep focus and do his best. For me whatever the color of his medal, nothing can’t take the beauty of his skate and performance forever.

Also wanna say thank you to all people that helping us to spread Yuzu love around the world, found many new friends that sub Yuzu video to their own native language (See Yuzu, you are loved around the world ! ^O^). Check the Turkish sub several of our videos (click those cute cc button juseyo ^_^), and also we do Arabic sub for Asaichi (Thanks to Rawia).

Hope more and more people know Yuzu and the beauty of his skating. Love you Yuzuru Hanyu, my no.1 Skater in the world ^O^