Thank you so much to YzRIKO that allow us to use the raw video for this project ^O^. I would like to say thank you for everyone who helping us, never imagine it will be continue until now. From my beloved friends in twitter group chat, Eco readers blog that helping us transcript, and all people that always give warm response to our video and project. Hontoni Arigato ne ^()^

Our new project is Asaichi video that broadcast in 2015, we particulary wants to sub this because Yuzu talks so much about himself, his skating and his daily life, its like sneak peak into his wonderful mind a little bit ^O^. I hope all of you enjoy this, and hope we can finish this project during this off seasons. Happy Watching

Asaichi 1 – Part 1/4

Asaichi 1 – Part 2/4

to be continued ……………^O^