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Olympic is coming

Hello everyone, this is a new post after a long time ^_^’, I would like to say I’m sorry because I’m caught on the piles of work in my office, I still have passion to subs and do video about Yuzu but since I’m back working, I need to find a time to do it hehehehe….


My next target is to finish Asaichi 2 Part 2 T_T, actually my friend Eco san already send the script a long time ago, gomenasai Eco san T_T but this week I’ve promise to myself to finish that project so we can move on to the last part, Ganba!!!IMG_538ehs

This season is tough season for Yuzuru Hanyu and several front runner of medal contenders, to be honest as his Fan, there is worried that clouding in my heart when I saw he injured in the open practice of NHK 2018. Thanks to my friends at group chat, I kinda feel calmer, hug to all girls in the group chat ^0^.

I read several articles, comments, or social media feeds, and people already write him off as medal contender due his injury and lack of practice, my reaction is whatever……. at this point, I kinda closed my eyes and ears from all those buzzing and I hope Yuzu stay away from reading media especially in this Olympic season. Let his skating do the talk !. For me his greatness already shone through his skating, records, medals, and all achievements on and off ice.

Until now, I’m still stumbling through some shady comments about him, his fans and his skating. People ask, whats good about Yuzu, why so many people like him or his skate, why he is so popular, why this and that bla bla bla…………..actually the answer is easy they love him because he earn this fans respect and adoration through his skating, his way of thinking, his attitude toward his sports, parents, friends, competitors, kids, coaches, staffs etc. There are so many motives people love him and it will become a long lists if this naysayer tried to scrutiny this phenomena ^_^’.


As a new fan of figure skating, I can tell you the reason I’m into the sport is Yuzuru Hanyu, you can hate him or his skating, but it is the fact for so many people. Yuzuru for me is an example of an athlete that hone their skills and an artist that give all to the performance, not just the routine on ice. He involve in music choice, layout, costumes, sounds etc. As an viewer I feel respected by him, he always do his best and wanna present the high quality program. Yes he has his worst moment in his career but for me this falls and flaws what make him look perfect in so many people eyes.

credit: Ao Yuzu edited pictureIce Photo Cover 3.jpg

His programs is pact with elements and has a solid flow, so even if he do mistakes in his jumps as long as he doesn’t give up, the program still has this flavor which still attracting for the viewer. People will still cheer on him because he show his fighting spirit and determination which gauge your heart. He pull spectators in to his world, like we skate with him on the ice.

Ice Photo Cover 2

credit: Ao Yuzu edited picture

My wish and pray is for him to recover well and can deliver the skate that he dream on. For him to continue after Sochi 2014 is already a big step and brave. Mostly Olympian will retire after they snatch the medal, but Yuzu take the risk, going through hardship and keep going just because he want to have a good performance at Olympic. Actually the more weird the situation lately make me believe that Yuzu will be fine in Olympic , knock on wood ^0^

Chopin and Seimei sama will fight on February, let just send the positive energy to Yuzuru Hanyu, and believe in him. Whatever result in February for me he is the Greatest Skater of All Time, I want him to be happy and healthy, enjoying his life after his competitive career. Yuzuru for many peoples is an epitome of hope, proof of hard work never betray you. He is like a dream and place for people to find happiness through his skating. Thank You Yuzu and Fighting!!!

No more sadness, no time for pity, this is time of fighting as hard as he can so no regret in the end. There always rainbow after the rain, Light after the Night. Fighting dear Yuzuru, believe in Yourself, focus and be Yourself, Don’t give Up, will always cheer on you

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Hello everyone, here come again our new project, Asaichi 2. We divided this episode into 3 part, hope all of you enjoy it. Thanks to my dear friends Ecovail and Maki whom work hard and all the Japanese transcripter that helped us. Shout out to every Raw Video owner such as PINO, YzRIKO, FigureSkating 2014, etc. Thanks to IcePanda which lend her fan-art that we used in our video

Through this programme we can see, different side of Yuzuru Hanyu, which very thoughtful, serious, dorky, charming, cute and adorable. How he approach skating is very interesting also his daily life story. Enjoy and Happy Watching ^O^


New Season 2017/2018 ….

September is here !!!! means new season for our space kitten Yuzuru Hanyu ^O^


This season will be tough not only physically but also mentally. My friends said “it’s Olympic season after all ^()^'”…..anyway I just hope all the best for Yuzuru, I know he working and training hard. Please stay healthy and enjoy your skate Yuzuru, I wish all the best for you.

Me and Eco will finishing up all Asaichi video…hehehe Asaichi part 4 is coming, sorry for the late post because I’m busy with my dissertation T_T. However, now I already submitted my paper, means now I’m FREE!!!

Hehehe…..I’m enjoying subbing Yuzu video because he is so inspirational person, very funny actually, smart and dorky. My favorite skater all of time. Thank you for being there and being your self Yuzu, be confidence and don’t forget to smile. The pressure is so high for him, I hope he keep focus and do his best. For me whatever the color of his medal, nothing can’t take the beauty of his skate and performance forever.

Also wanna say thank you to all people that helping us to spread Yuzu love around the world, found many new friends that sub Yuzu video to their own native language (See Yuzu, you are loved around the world ! ^O^). Check the Turkish sub several of our videos (click those cute cc button juseyo ^_^), and also we do Arabic sub for Asaichi (Thanks to Rawia).

Hope more and more people know Yuzu and the beauty of his skating. Love you Yuzuru Hanyu, my no.1 Skater in the world ^O^